CO3 Mission

How to participate

Case test JSP and HF-Czechforge

The mission of CO³ is to encourage a structural breakthrough in the competitiveness and sustainability of European logistics by stimulating horizontal collaboration between European shippers.More info… Shippers who want to transport their goods across Europe with "fewer and friendlier miles", can make use of the services of the CO³ consortium to identify potential bundling partners and to set up test projects. Get all the information to achieve double digit cost savings and to reduce your carbon-footprint. More info… On the morning of November 28th 2011, a Czech truck, fully loaded with consignments of lightweight plastic beads bags and heavy metal automotive brake disks, successfully delivered this bundled payload to its two destinations in Germany.More info…

Latest Work

  • Truck unloading
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Cargo boat
  • Future of transport efficienty